The Dream Retires From Doing Music "YES"

So It Seems As when It Couldn't Get better It Does. Weeks After The Dream Covered Aaliyah's "One In A Million" And doing A horrible Job At It. He Bows out Of Music Hopefully For Good. He Goes On To Say That Nobody Apprecaites Music Anymore, but True T people just don't Care to Appreciate his music anymore.He should stick to writing Music For others and stay the hell behind the curtain.The Dream Has The Following Artist So Far To Credit To His Name : Christopher "Tricky" Stewart,Beyonce,Los Da Mystro, Christina Milian, Nivea,Rihanna,Mary J. Blige,Mariah Carey, Ciara, , Fabolous, Utada, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Janet Jackson, Dear Jayne, T.I., Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Drake, Sterling Simms, Sting, Usher, The Cheetah Girls, Sade, and More. The Dream will Be Releasing His Thrird Stuio Effort ThisYear entitled "Love King" Due June 29.
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Chris Brown Licks Cakes In New Video "No Bulls*it"

I Dont Need To Say Much The Video Speaks for itself
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 So Christina Aguilera's Album Has Been Leaked By As Of Today. The Albums Original Release Date Is June 8 That is Two Weeks Prior to the Original Date. This Is Going To Most definitely going to Hurt the Album Sales. The Album Might Actually Not Sell As Much As It Was Inteded To Due To The Virtual Download World. This Will Be The fourth full-length English studio album by the American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera By RCA RECORDS.
Download Link:
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RIHANNA Rocks Out In New Music Video "ROCKSTAR 101"

Rihanna - ROCKSTAR 101
Music Videos at
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(FEATURED)Candy Makes A Move with Music Video Realese

Candy Sims Of The Popular Youtube Show SweetAddictionsTv Has Realesed The Music Video
For Her Debut Song "Make A Move" The Video Was Shot In The ATL area . Candy And The Work Are Apart Of SO REAL RECORDS. It was Directed Nia Danielle.
The Song Is An Up-tempo Club Song , Made To Make You Call Your Whoever your with and Hit The Nearest Dance Floor.
Go Support Her And The Song By Going Either To Itunes or Amazon To Purchase The Song For Only $0.99
 Also You Can Check Candy Out At Any Of The Links Provied Below:


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Ciara Can't Even Keep People Interested (LIVE)

Ciara Tonight Decided To Get On The Website USTREAM and Play The Remix To The Song That Is Already Low On The Hot 100 And Who's Vid Isn't Allowed To Play On BET Only (youtube)
But Not Only Did She Get On USTREAM but In The Process While On There Started To Loose Viewers , As A Result She Cut It Short And Left. Seems As If She Shoul Give Up People Are Actually Not Into Her Anymore. While When Nicki Minaj Goes On USTREAM Has Thousands. Nicki Minaj May Not Be On The Hott 100 But She Is For Darn Sure On A Network Station Not Only Online.
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This Is Alicia Keys Video For Her Song "Unthinkable" Of Her Fourth Studio Album. Now I Could Careless About the Song Personally , But I Will Give Her 5 out Of 5 On The Video So True . In The Video She Is IN Love with A White Guy But They Are Seperated Because At the Time A Coloerd individual And A White individual were Not Allowed To Be Together So It Is Unthinkable That They Could Be Together In Everyone Elses eyes. I've Given YOu The Link To Download The Song And Also The Remix Which Features Drake.
DOWNLOAD LINK: Alicia Keys " Unthinkable" -
Alicia Keys " Unthinkable" ft.Drake-
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Same-Sex Domestic Violence

A Subject That Really Hasnt Been Shown As Much Light As It Should Is Same Sex Domestic Violence Yes Its Real And A Serious Problem. Now To Some This May Seem Like How But Let Me Tell You People Whether It Be Male and Male Relationship Or Female And Female Relationship The Same Rules And Problem Do Apply. There Still Is That Part Of Some Mind In A Domestic Relationship Who Feel The Need To Stay , But You Never Hear About This Situation On Tv Really Now I Won't Say You Don't See It At All But Come On Do You Think Dr.Phil Is Going o Have A Complete Show With Same Sex Couples On The Show Talking About the Problems There Dealing With. Now The Sad Part Is When Brought To Police Attention When The Problem Is Critical Even In Heterosexual Domestic Violence Its Usually 7;10 Going To Not Get the Immediate Attention It Needs Until Someone Is severely Hurt Or Worst Killed. Now In A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Case The Light Is Barley To None Shined Upon.  Cause Media Dosen't Seem To See It As A More So Growing Concern As In A "MALE AND FEMALE" monogamous relationship. So The Point Of This All Is In Any Situation Whomever It May Be Pay Attention Listen , Look For the Signs You May Not See What Im Speaking On At 1st But As You Begin To Really Look You'll Know That Violence Happens In Any Form Of Relationship No Matter What Age , or To Whom Is In The RelationShip. It Should Never Come To That.
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Ciara Should Name Her Next Album The "FANTASY RIDE"(RELOADED AND READY TO FLOP AGAIN). See CICI's Album for this year is Really Suppose to Be "Basic Instinct" But Whats Going On With All These Songs Being Leaked From This New Album. What  Happened Back In 2008 Ciara Released The Fantasy Ride but what it really did was Go On a Rollercoaster Ride To The Bottom Of The Sales Chart selling only 200,000 copies in The U.S.A And ONly 300,000 Copies Worldwide *Damn Shame HuH*  Now Below All the Songs That Have Been Released and Leaked Songs For You To Download. I Mean There Leaked So I Guess She Put It Out For You So Here It Is. I've Heard 6 songs in counting But Not Gonna Post them Im Tryna Help Her Out.
Ciara Ride ft. Ludacris-
Ciara "Speechless" -
Ciara- "Run It" -
If ANY link Dont Work Tell Me
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Mixtape Download

Olivia Released A Mixtape Called "Under The Radar" You May Remember Her From 50cents Song A While Back Called Candy Shop If Not Check here You Go  

01. Olivia - Olivia-Ed Lover (Intro) (1:17)

02. Olivia - Take It Off (Remix) (3:41)

03. Olivia - Control (3:09)

04. Olivia - When Its Real (3:29)

05. Olivia - Interview With Ed Lover (0:35)

06. Olivia - In My Bedroom (3:09)

07. Olivia - Lonely Girl (4:16)

08. Olivia - I Got You (3:00)

09. Olivia - Rub Me Up (3:25)

10. Olivia - Get It In (Freestyle) (1:56)

11. Olivia - Next 2 You (2:43)

12. Olivia - Never Too Far (3:37)

13. Olivia - Rich Dollaz Speaks (0:40)

14. Olivia - Here We Go Again (1:47)

15. Olivia - Mike Epps (Outro) (0:20)


In An Interview She Had A Few Things To Say About " Young Money" Artist Drake Take A Look At The Video ABOVE .
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The C-Download

This Is Toni Braxton  6th Studio Album with The Hit Lead Single "YesterDay" Which Features Trey Songz. This Is Her Latest Album Since 2005's "LIBRA"

1. Pulse 3:48

2. Stay 3:31

3. Yesterday 3:48

4. Hands Tied 3:53

5. Clockwork 4:34

6. I Hate Love 3:15

7. It’s You 3:57

8. Wardrobe 3:29

9. Looking At Me 3:22

10. Don’t Call, Just Text 4:18

11. My Ring 3:40

12. Make My Heart 3:27

13. Melt 3:46

14. Yesterday (Remix) feat. Trey Songz 3:47
DOWNLOAD LINK---> 23:45:05&size=117 MB&type=unkown
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Babies are EVIL!!!

This Was Just To Damn Funny To Past Posting "N*gga F*ck Yo Cat" LOL. Subscribe To his channel ---->
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Beyonce Got Stans From All Going Bananas

So Solong Tweeted A Couple Of Days Ago She Was Releasing A Video For A Song That She Had Wrote For Beyonce A Couple Years Back. The Song Has A Goovy Type Of  Vibe. Now On To The Stans And Also Fans , Apperently Some Of  And Most Of Kelly Rowlands Fans Feel As If Beyonce Is Realesing This Video In Spight of Kelly Who Is Having Success With Her Brand New Single "Commander" . Now Personally And This Is Souly My Opinion I Dont Feel That Beyonce Is Trying To Over Shadow  Kelly Rowland I Think That This Video As Entertaining As It Is Should'nt Be Able To Detour The Fans An People Who Are Interested With Kelly Again with her new Work. Now What I Also Think Is Going To Happen As Sad As It Is , That The Radio's And Other Media Outlets Will Pay And Give this More Attention Than That To Kelly Rowlands Song . And We All Know The Reason ....Need I Say More.
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This Is My Blog Logo This Site Will Be Up And Running Soon
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