Ciara "Basic Instinct"...

At first without giving the album a chance I casted prejudgment upon it. But now after I've given myself a chance to fully listen to each song I must say I love this album. I have played the album completely threw and have yet to skip a track. I will say this the Lead on single from the album and the first song on the album entitled "Basic Instinct (You Got Me)" Becomes rather annoying and I have to change it when Ciara begins to turn the song into a melody. Only because I really enjoy the song as a Ima Beat Your Ass When I see you kind of song. Also I don't really agree to much with the Less Rather no type of singing key that was displayed on the song "Speechless" Chorus. Yet we have to remember we are talking about the same person who Sang "Away in a Manger"  " So gracefully. Other than that I enjoy every song so I give the album a B- minus.

SIDENOTE: The Album is Predicted the 1st week sales are somewhere around 35k-37k.... ^_^
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