Babies are EVIL!!!

This Was Just To Damn Funny To Past Posting "N*gga F*ck Yo Cat" LOL. Subscribe To his channel ---->
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Beyonce Got Stans From All Going Bananas

So Solong Tweeted A Couple Of Days Ago She Was Releasing A Video For A Song That She Had Wrote For Beyonce A Couple Years Back. The Song Has A Goovy Type Of  Vibe. Now On To The Stans And Also Fans , Apperently Some Of  And Most Of Kelly Rowlands Fans Feel As If Beyonce Is Realesing This Video In Spight of Kelly Who Is Having Success With Her Brand New Single "Commander" . Now Personally And This Is Souly My Opinion I Dont Feel That Beyonce Is Trying To Over Shadow  Kelly Rowland I Think That This Video As Entertaining As It Is Should'nt Be Able To Detour The Fans An People Who Are Interested With Kelly Again with her new Work. Now What I Also Think Is Going To Happen As Sad As It Is , That The Radio's And Other Media Outlets Will Pay And Give this More Attention Than That To Kelly Rowlands Song . And We All Know The Reason ....Need I Say More.
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