That | CC What is Nicki Minaj Doing....?

I purchased Nicki Minaj's song "Right Thru Me" not to long ago from Itunes and am now trying to really get into the song. It seems as though it is slowly wearing on me but i'm not convinced whether or not i really love it or not. She also released a song this week titled "Romans Revenge(ft Eminem)" which is a Track that clearly is about "90's" hasbeen Lil'Kim (aka Jigsaw,The Joker, and other strange looking characters) it is from her Upcoming and Highly anticipated album Pink Friday which will be released later this month. Now with that being said I began to wonder is "Romans Revenge" the 3rd single an If so where was and is the promotion for her 2nd single "Right Thru Me". I looked high an low for Ms.Minaj to actually perform her 1st  Official Single (After the Fail of "Massive Attack" which they later claimed to be just a promo song for the album) "Your Love" on A Televised Tv Show. Yet instead of finding her perfoming her own songs to promote her album I see performances of her on stage with other artist performing her verse of the song that is of the other artist. Now to the Question at hand What is Nicki Minaj Doing? I've seen her on Ustream three times as of now going on to talk about random thing, Call some of her Fans on the phone, and Give very brief details each time about her album. So I guess Her getting on Ustream is Her Promotional Strategy for her album, I did not see Nicki going full force Promoting her 1st Single "Your Love" even though it did quite O.K on the charts. I am waiting on Nicki with her 2nd Single "Right Thru Me" to be Everywhere actually Singing/Rapping this song. Seriously If you ask me Nicki is not Promoting her singles the way she should she is soley depending on her fans to promote her song as it seems to me. I suppose that is why she Fired Sean "P.Diddy" Combs from being her manager after she recently hired him on to be just that. Now that there is a new now 3rd single released "Romans Revenge" I wonder will she be doing live performances of that with Eminem on stage before she even performs her 2nd single seeing as how she loves to only really go around and perform a song when accompanied by another artist on a track. After all is said and done I really Hope Nicki Minaj get's her Promotion of every single she releases real soon and not just release material without really giving the fans LIVE PERFORMANCES of her singles.
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