Ciara Should Name Her Next Album The "FANTASY RIDE"(RELOADED AND READY TO FLOP AGAIN). See CICI's Album for this year is Really Suppose to Be "Basic Instinct" But Whats Going On With All These Songs Being Leaked From This New Album. What  Happened Back In 2008 Ciara Released The Fantasy Ride but what it really did was Go On a Rollercoaster Ride To The Bottom Of The Sales Chart selling only 200,000 copies in The U.S.A And ONly 300,000 Copies Worldwide *Damn Shame HuH*  Now Below All the Songs That Have Been Released and Leaked Songs For You To Download. I Mean There Leaked So I Guess She Put It Out For You So Here It Is. I've Heard 6 songs in counting But Not Gonna Post them Im Tryna Help Her Out.
Ciara Ride ft. Ludacris-
Ciara "Speechless" -
Ciara- "Run It" -
If ANY link Dont Work Tell Me
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