Same-Sex Domestic Violence

A Subject That Really Hasnt Been Shown As Much Light As It Should Is Same Sex Domestic Violence Yes Its Real And A Serious Problem. Now To Some This May Seem Like How But Let Me Tell You People Whether It Be Male and Male Relationship Or Female And Female Relationship The Same Rules And Problem Do Apply. There Still Is That Part Of Some Mind In A Domestic Relationship Who Feel The Need To Stay , But You Never Hear About This Situation On Tv Really Now I Won't Say You Don't See It At All But Come On Do You Think Dr.Phil Is Going o Have A Complete Show With Same Sex Couples On The Show Talking About the Problems There Dealing With. Now The Sad Part Is When Brought To Police Attention When The Problem Is Critical Even In Heterosexual Domestic Violence Its Usually 7;10 Going To Not Get the Immediate Attention It Needs Until Someone Is severely Hurt Or Worst Killed. Now In A Same-Sex Domestic Violence Case The Light Is Barley To None Shined Upon.  Cause Media Dosen't Seem To See It As A More So Growing Concern As In A "MALE AND FEMALE" monogamous relationship. So The Point Of This All Is In Any Situation Whomever It May Be Pay Attention Listen , Look For the Signs You May Not See What Im Speaking On At 1st But As You Begin To Really Look You'll Know That Violence Happens In Any Form Of Relationship No Matter What Age , or To Whom Is In The RelationShip. It Should Never Come To That.
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