Let Us Bow our Heads an Mourn @Ciara Princess Harris...

The Year was 1985 on a brisk afternoon in an Austin Texas Hospital Jackie Harris delivered a lovable baby boy girl into the world. The baby was so cute and with boyish tendencies they were almost inlined to name the child after the father Carl Harris but didn't feel it was a unisex name. So instead they named the baby C(arl)iara Princess Harris, with "Princess" in the name to assure those the baby was indeed a female and with hopes that one day their one and an only fruit of their loins would one day be a well known. Ciara's father was at the time currently serving in the US Army so with that being the case poor lil Carl jr Ciara was only a child then had to travel wherever her father was stationed whether it be Germany, New York, Utah, California, Arizona, or Nevada she had to travel with her father and her mother. So she never had time growing up to really have friends or never stayed long anywhere for others to pick on and torture from being tired of her.
After her father retired fro the service they settled in the ATL area and that's where it all began.
Ciara who at by this time was a teenager Started to develop this taste for entertainment and wanted to be a STAR and not just any kind of star the kind to where when you walk in a room with a $0.99 cent dress on Tv reporters call it stunning. Having parents with no musical ear at all Ciara looked to Destiny's Child and Janet Jackson perform on tv and concerts to see what real talent was. By the of 2002 Ciara had became friends with two other ATL natives to form the group Heresay the group recorded demos with one's Walkman and put them on cassette tapes and passed them all around the TRI-ATL-AREA the group were unsuccessful in finding a manger who was remotely interested. So they stopped trying and never saw a one dime and soon turned on each other like some out of control dogs (disbanded shortly after). Yet that didn't stop Ciara from trying pursue her dream of stardom so she began writing songs an one she wrote for AI contestant Fantasia Barrito's debut album free yourself entitled "Got me waiting". After that JazzePha a some what known producer saw the gleam of potential in Ciara and quickly showcased whatever she had to offer to LaFace Records exect L.A Reid. They soon begun quick work on the production of Ciara's first album goodies. Ciara along with record producer Sean Garret began working on her 1st lead single "Goodies" wihich would feature rappers Petey Pablo and Lil'John. The album was finished and Released on Sept,28th 2004 the Critics went wild and went as far to hail her "The First lady of Crunk and R&B" although she wasn't a strong singer at all she made up for in her dancing and with that she gained a whole new breed of crumping fans the album was a commercial success and went on to sell 2.7 million in the US alone. Things seemed to be going well for Ciara she was well on her way in the right direction. She nominated for awards in 2005 and invited to walk the carpet she had "A Good Moment". Next album goes into work and Ciara begins to work on her 2nd album 'The Evolution" while by this time ha fell in love with young homosexual rapper bow wow so she had develop a love and passion and went on to record her deepest song and one of her most notable songs yet "Promise" it was a hit and the was the biggest hit on her second album Entitled The Evolution the album sold phenominal it's first week selling over 300,000 copies it's first week an became her 1st #1 and last chart topping album. To date has sold  1.3 million in the USA alone (other released tracks were not as successful but did ok) she then had another great moment. Here comes 2008 and Ciara was for sure to do great as she had previously done. So she set to relese her second LP "Fantasy Ride" and took on a alter ego SUPER C  she released her first single "Go Girl" which featured Bama Auto-Tuner T-Pain the song was on didn't do as well on the charts an soon dropped off BUT that was ok because Ciara prepped with another song but then on October 8th all HELL BROKE LOOSE. With that anything Ciara had planned to do was going to be destroyed By what then was Called the B-Storm also known as (Beyonceitis) this began to kill of an severely injure a lot of artist some held there own and some completely put in a coma. So the Album was finally releaesed but something was just up with the cover it seemed as tho Ciara wanted to portray a a futuristic negro slave on the cover this did not sit well with some and turn Kermit Hilson off as well then people were Turned off by Kermit Hilson BUT that's another issue =) . So the album came out and didn't even scan paper nor plastic AT that moment Ciara began to go only down hill from then on. There were rumors of her possessing a penis and was copying Beyonce and this that an the third. So the Album flop she was having a bad moment and sooner fell from the public eye until she healed from Beyonceitis just enough to walk again. Mid-Late 2010 comes and Ciara has healed just enough to release a song called "Ride" gear up for her next album which original date was set for August 17th. Yet again the B-Storm came rolling in an dropped a BOMB that changed the course of things. Now the B-Storm was suppose to be settled down after going a World Sell Out Tour and Completely slaying the industry. But it appeard again for a brief moment (see: "Why Don't You Love Me") the song received Stellar reviews from critics hailing the video for it's visual and Beyonce's epicness. Ciara soon pushed her album to the next return of Jesus. Now it is October Ciara has set an offical date for her new album called "Basic Instinct" she releases the song 'Ride" the video was shut down from tv because of it's to provocative dancing so oh well, then she releases another fail "Speechless" then another song "Gimmie Dat" which is now the most known song from the Album an best charting. We are here the week before the album release an ALL of CICI's Fans (all 5 of them) are on twitter saying how much she is about to slay the game. Then comes the Release 
then came a week later and the final sales came out 
Then There went whatever fan base she had
=( poor things....
BUT anyway we are gathered here on this Bless-it Site to Give our last regards to what used to be Carl Princess Harris Jr's Career .... AMEND

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